This 'n' That

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Please, learn our language, customs and code of public behavior.

Walked into one of the local southern California Starbucks this afternoon. Not far behind me were two men who appeared to be of Latin American descent. I waited in line, as the young woman behind the counter took the order of the customer ahead of me. The next thing I knew the two Latin American men were standing ahead of me. The young woman taking orders was confused as to whose order she should take first. Before she could ask, one of the Latin American men handed her some sort of coupon. The young woman accepted it and rang up his order. Containing my "disappointment", I sternly informed the Latin American man that: "There's a line that begins behind me." His response was to grin and utter something that neither I nor the young woman behind the counter understood. In the end, my dignity was preserved as my chai tea latte was prepared ahead of the ignorant Latin American man's order.

As the young cashier took my order, she thanked me for not making a big deal out of the situation. I said: "I don't think they understood me." She replied: "I don't think they did either. It's why I just shrugged my shoulders." And that is exactly the problem. We have "shrugged" our collective shoulders far too long in response to the problem of illegal immigration. It is one thing to enter the United States illegally and not pay taxes or medical bills and lean on hard working American citizens for support. It is another to actively refuse to learn our language - english, customs, and code of public behavior. It is tantamount to a blatant slap in the face.

All are welcome to our blessed country - legally. Once here, please make an effort to learn our language, customs and code of public behavior. If one does not know or comprehend, one inquires. Politely. It is simple etiquette. Do what all legal American citizens do to live together in harmony.