This 'n' That

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Below is what the Telegraph is reporting about Omar Bakri's current status. But CNN has reported that he has been detained in Beirut in connection with inflammatory statements he made about the July 7th suicide bombings in London.

Looking at the figures taken from the Telegraph article, Omar Bakri's words may cost him more than he expected. And rightly so. Why should decent, hard working, law abiding British citizens support such an individual, when all he desires is the destruction of their lives and their beloved London?

Omar Bakri Mohammed, who is in Lebanon, is due to have treatment at St Thomas's Hospital, just across the Thames from the Palace of Westminster.

He receives £331.28 a month in incapacity benefit and £183.30 a month in disability living allowance because of a leg injury he suffered in his teens.
Both payments will continue for at least six months while he is abroad, as long as he plans to return, as will the housing benefit on his home in Edmonton, north London, and his council tax benefit.
His wife, who remains in Britain with their seven children, can also continue to claim a benefits package thought to be worth at least £1,300 a month. Bakri drives a Toyota people carrier worth £30,000, paid for under a scheme called Motability.