This 'n' That

Monday, July 24, 2006


It happened as I sensed it would. My role as the narrator in the upcoming student production of an Orvieto based play, has been reduced. Whereas before I had sixteen lines, I now have about seven. The role has been divided among three of us. The other two are women. One is from Pennsylvania - she speaks fluent Italian. The third person is from Slovakia. She had formerly been too shy to take part, but since her husband has a leading part... Who knows! I do believe the director favors women to a fault. How do I know? The American woman's pronunciation of the words in each line is no better than mine; and she is barely audible. Oops! The director has just entered the room. No fear. He can neither speak, read, nor write english. The same goes for me when it comes to Italian. There will be more rehearsals tonight until Thursday, when the production is staged in front of a live audience.

Last night I attended a dinner party for one of the professor's sister. It took place at a very nice restaurant - they are all especially nice here, including the food. In attendance was a professor of Italian from Toronto and his lovely wife. Though he now teaches anthropology there. A British professor of public speaking. An Italian student of linguistics, and a young woman of Greek descent who is an instructor of public speaking in english. I'll be assisting her later this afternoon, as I did last week. The experience, though brief, has been an eye opener.

That is all for now. I hope to return later....Ciao from Orvieto!!!