This 'n' That

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Recently, in July 2015, I purchased two American Express gift cards at a Walmart store.  As the cashier attempted to validate the cards, she mentioned that the store had to return an entire supply of American Express gift cards because "None of them were any good..." And could not be validated.  I should have taken what the cashier said as a warning not to complete the purchase of the American Express gift cards.  

Unfortunately, one that I had given to my niece turned out to be invalid when she went to use it.  I called the toll free number, 877-297-4438, on the back of the card and was told by a gentleman with a thick foreign accent that I could hardly understand that I would have to fax copies of the store receipt, the American Express gift card, its packaging and a form of my personal identification.  Later I learned that I could send all the documents via postal mail.

Since this past July, I have faxed once and mailed twice all the required documents to:
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.
4315 South 2700 West
Prepaid Resolution Team
Salt Lake City, UT 84184-0440

Their most recent response a couple of days ago was a repetition of the two previous responses:  "We are requesting that you fax or mail a legible copy of the gift card purchase receipt and packaging to be able to review you case...Please use the fax address information above and include your reference number with your correspondence."

All of the documents I have sent on three occasions were completely legible to me.  And I wear reading glasses.  

However, in late August or early September I received four (4) notices reference a class action lawsuit settlement.  Each of them read:  "You may be entitled to claim money from a class action settlement involving American Express gift cards..."  One of the notices I have received has to do with the July 2015 American Express gift card purchases I made in my name.  The other three were purchases I made in the names of family members.  

The first sentence of each notice reads:  "A proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit offers money to eligible users and holders of approximately 70 million American Express gift cards, plus benefits for others, including those who bought gift cards for other people..."

To learn more about the class action settlement type: in your browser.  Or call:  866-680-3343.

Apparently, American Express has been engaging in fraudulent practices in its issuance of "approximately 70 million gift cards".  Avoid being systematically robbed by American Express Company.  Boycott their gift cards, all services and products offered by American Express.  

Possibly, ongoing financial difficulties that forced American Express to layoff 4,000 employees this past February and the recent loss of big business dealings with Costco and JetBlue have something to do with their need to fraudulently pick the pockets of unsuspecting, hard working people.