This 'n' That

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martin Scorsese's Dylan

Martin Scorsese's much anticipated documentary on the life and music of Bob Dylan aired on two successive nights on PBS, Monday and Tuesday. The first two hours focused on Dylan's beginnings and was mostly in black and white to be true to the times. It was a series talking heads and not too revealing about who the mythic folk genius Bob Dylan was or is today.

The second half was much more lively and in modern day living color. Joan Baez, who at one time had invited Dylan to join her on stage, seemed a might bitter when her generous act was not reciprocated after he had gone on to his own success. Dylan of today explained it all away by mumbling something about keeping love and business separate. Or maybe it was competition. One highlight came when an unidentified interviewee said of Dylan: "God didn't tap him (Dylan) on the shoulder. He kicked him in the ass." That and a lot of hard work and self promotion, and talent, probably helped a little, too.