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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Great Britain's "Stiff Upper Lip"

Spent 10 hours at Gatwick airport on July 3rd, waiting around for a piece of luggage that never arrived and an EasyJet flight to Rome that departed 5 hours late due to "disturbing atmospheric" conditions over the Italian capital that could interfere with a proper landing. It was four days before the tragic bombings in London. Except for my personal difficulties then, all things seemed normal.

Returned to London July 16th to spend a day there before my departure on the 17th. Strolled through Central London, Notting Hill, and Soho. Not a word did I hear uttered about the events that had occurred 9 days earlier. Every where I went, the streets, pubs, restaurants, and shops were teeming with people doing what they normally do. True, many were tourists just passing through like me. But I admit that I was a bit surprised to see so many. The Brits I encountered were accommodating, polite, and warm. As I have said. Nothing had changed. And I don't believe anything or anyone could ever take away the vim and vigor of the British "stiff upper lip".