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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

TOOKIE WILLIAMS: Was he truly reformed?

Stanley "Tookie" Williams is due to die on San Quentin's death row less than thirty minutes from now.

If he is guilty of committing the four cold blooded murders he was tried and convicted for and he still refuses to own up to his guilt in the face of his own death, he is either a complete sociopath incapable of discerning good from evil or a man filled to the brow with a self destructive form of hubris. Neither proposition contains an ounce of reform.

Whether one agrees with capital punishment or not, a logical thinking individual might think that if Mr. Williams had courage enough to admit to his crime, accept guilt, offer up a modicum of remorse, his life might have been spared. To the very end, Mr. Williams gambled with his life, as he had done on a daily basis before his arrest, trial and imprisonment. It is an automatic component that comes with being a member of a violent gang. Except that after midnight, Stanley "Tookie" Williams will not be taking his losses and live to play another day.